Most awaited Sexvid Scandals

Nakakangawit maghintay na lumabas ang sexvid scandal ni Hayden Kho at Vicky Belo. Inamin na nila na meron pero nasaan? nasaaaaaan????

Kaya habang naghihintay, eto ang wishlist ng mga most waited sexvid scandals:

roxas padyak

  • Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez Padyak/Trisikad Sexvid
  • villar_itikVillar’s bestial sexvids with a flock of itik with Itik-itik playing in the soundtrack
  • dionisiadanceAling Dionisia’s Ballroom Sexvid with her DIs
  • loren and joseLoren Legarda & Ed Angara’s Sexvid in aid of pornikeyshun
  • bongBong Revilla’s Kap’s Amazing Sexvids
  • irenekhoIrene Kho’s Wala Akong Masabi Sexvid imitating Linda Blair’s masturbation with a crucifix scene in The Exorcist
  • willierevillameWill’s Dubai Desert sexvid with ASF dancers
  • governor-chavit-singsonChavit Singson’s Sexvid with his harem of mistresses featuring his fave tiger in chains

4 responses to “Most awaited Sexvid Scandals

  1. Bad ka!

    Magagalit sa iyo si Bishop Dinualdo yan!

    Hahahaha! 🙂

  2. Oo nga, Avel. He deserves two sticks of “gungi” on his behind. ..wahahaha…

    On the second thought…exciting din magkatutoo ang mga sexvids na yan noh? ..hehehe!!

  3. andrewtorres

    Wag po koya! Wag po! (lol)

  4. ha ha ha! you made my day, andrew!

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